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Case 3782


Case 3782: Nebela militaris Penard, 1890 (Arcellinida, Hyalospheniidae): proposed conservation of the specific name by giving it precedence over Nebela bursella Taranek, 1881

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2020
Authors: Duckert, C., Blandenier, Q., Kupferschmid, F. A. L., Anush Kosakyan, Mitchell, E. A. D., Lara, E., Singer, D.
Journal:Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature
Start Page:22
Date Published:04/2020
Type of Article:Case
Keywords: Nomenclature, taxonomy, testate amoebae, Arcellinida, HYALOSPhENIIDAE, Nebela militaris, Nebela bursella

The purpose of this application, under Article 23.9.3 of the Code, is to conserve the specific name Nebela militaris Penard, 1890, a junior subjective synonym of Nebela bursella Taranek, 1881 – referred to as Nebela bursella Vejdovský in the literature. Due to the absence of any type or reference specimen and due to the confusing original description, doubts about the taxonomic status of N. bursella persist. A review of the literature revealed that the names N. militaris and N. bursella originally referred to the same species, with the name N. bursella later being applied erroneously to another species. According to the Principle of Priority, N. bursella is the valid name of the species generally known as N. militaris, but there has been no mention of the former taxon since 1964 and its name is unknown to most active testate amoeba researchers. To avoid confusion, we propose to conserve the widely used species name Nebela militaris Penard, 1890 by granting it conditional precedence over Nebela bursella Taranek, 1881, and to designate a neotype.

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Case 3782


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