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Case 3749


Case 3749: Erynnini Brues & Melander, 1932: proposed conservation by suppression of Erynnidi Tutt, 1906, Erynninae Swinhoe, 1913 and Erynnidae Hampson, 1918 (Insecta, Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2018
Authors: Balletto, E., Barbero, F., Bonelli, S., Casacci, L. P., Dapporto, L.
Journal:Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature
Start Page:130
Date Published:09/2018
Type of Article:Case
Keywords: Nomenclature, taxonomy, HESPERIIDAE, PYRGINAE, Erynnis, European Dinghy skipper butterfly, Holarctic

The purpose of this application, under Articles 41 and 65.2 of the Code, is to conserve the well-established current use of the hesperiid tribe Erynnini Brues & Melander, 1932 (subfamily Pyrginae) by suppressing its three senior homonyms Erynnidi Tutt, 1906, Erynnidae Swinhoe, 1913, and Erynnidae Hampson, 1918, which were based on the same genus Erynnis Schrank, 1801, the last based on many distinct and invalidly fixed type species.

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Case 3749


Taxonomic Group(s):
Insecta, Lepidoptera

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