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ZooBank Progress Report (Krell & Pyle, 2010. BZN)

Unifying nomenclature: ZooBank and Global Names Usage Bank (Pyle, R. & E. Michel, 2009. BZN, brief update)

Linneaus - Sherborn - ZooBank (Polaszek, A. & E. Michel, 2010. In: Systema Naturae 250: The Linnean Ark. A. Polaszek, Ed. CRC Press, for purchase only)

ZooBank: Reviewing the first year and preparing for the next 250 (Pyle, R. & E. Michel, 2010. In: Systema Naturae 250: The Linnean Ark. A. Polaszek, Ed. CRC Press, for purchase only)

ZooBank: Developing a nomenclatural tool for unifying 250 years of biological information (Pyle, R. & E. Michel, 2008. Zootaxa, Open Access)

Summary of ICZN session on ZooBank (Pyle, R. 2008, August, Paris ICZN working meeting, BZN)

Linneaus - Sherborn - ZooBank: An Introduction to ZooBank and brief history of nomenclators (Michel, E. et al., 2009, PPT presentation)

Animal Names for All: ICZN, ZooBank and the New Taxonomy (Polaszek, A., R. Pyle & D. Yanega, 2008. in "The New Taxonomy", Q.D. Wheeler, Ed. The Systematics Association Special Volume Series 76. Permission kindly granted)

ZooBank discussion poster from Washington, D.C. meeting 2007

Codes must be updated so that names are known to all (Wheeler, Q. & F.T. Krell, 2007. Nature (Correspondence))

Technical discussion paper  (Polaszek, A. et al., 2007. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature)

Fort Lauderdale ZooBank Symposium (2005, talks available as PPT)

A universal regsiter for animal names Nature Commentary (Polaszek, A. et al)

The Code, Copyright & ZooBank - Briefing the Science Press (2006, Zoological Society of London, talks available as PPT by Polaszek, Wheeler, Lyal & Weitzman, Robinson, de Yong & Roberts, Steele, MacCallum, Kathirithamby, Agosti)

"This accomplishment is a first major step towards completing the Linnaean enterprise, which is essential for mapping Earth's still poorly known fauna. With the firm foundation ZooBank aims to provide, the rest of biology will be immensely strengthened, and humanity correspondingly benefited"
Edward O. Wilson, Harvard Professor, and the leading authority on biodiversity.

"This is a hugely significant step for animal conservation. With ZooBank in place we will all have access to a single reference list of animal names, and so discussions about priority species and habitats can proceed with greater clarity and speed."
Georgina Mace OBE, Director of Science, Zoological Society of London.

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