About the Secretariat

The ICZN Secretariat is currently comprised of one staff member. It is based in the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, National University of Singapore, Singapore.

The Secretariat

Executive Secretary: Gwynne Lim (2018–present)

Previous Secretariat team members

Martyn E. Y. Low

Svetlana Nikolaeva (former BZN Zoologist and Scientific Editor)

Steve Tracey

Ed Baker (former Informatic Adviser)

Charles Hussey (former Volunteer Data Co-ordinator)

Ellinor Michel (previous Executive Secretary)

Natalie Dale-Skey

David Notton

Gail Austen-Price

Mike Higginson

Student volunteers who have helped with various ICZN work in the past, including Alex Panagiotopoulos (2010) and Laura Aitken-Burt (2009)


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