Case 3678: A proposal to affirm that ‘Formenkreis’ is not a genus-group taxonomic rank with potential availability

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2015
Authors:Gittenberger, E
Journal:Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature
Start Page:300
Date Published:12/2015
Type of Article:Case
Keywords:Formenkreis, land snails, Nomenclature, superspecies, taxonomy

The purpose of this application, under Article 89.1.1 of the Code, is to promote universality in the interpretation of the notion ‘superspecies’ as used in Article 10.4 of the Code, particularly with respect to certain European land snails, by asking the Commission to rule that ‘Formenkreis’ (plural ‘Formenkreise’) is not a genus-group taxonomic rank with potential availability. According to Article 10.4 of the Code not all subdivisions of a genus are equal. A borderline exists between ‘section’ or ‘division’, both deemed to be subgenera, and a still lower level of taxa that are referred to with ‘a term such as superspecies’. The term ‘superspecies’ was introduced by Mayr (1931) as a gloss, for international use, of the German term ‘Artenkreis’, which itself was a replacement term for ‘Formenkreis’. This implies that a name proposed for a ‘Formenkreis’ should not be deemed to be a genus-group name.

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