Case 3698: Cicindela varians Gory, 1833 (currently Cenothyla varians; Coleoptera, CARABIDAE): proposed conservation

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2015
Authors:J. Moravec
Journal:Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature
Start Page:288
Date Published:12/2015
Type of Article:Case
Keywords:CARABIDAE, Cenothyla varians, Nomenclature, taxonomy, tiger beetles

The purpose of this application, under Articles 23.9.3 and 81 of the Code, is to conserve the widely used name Cicindela varians Gory, 1833 (currently Cenothyla varians), a primary junior homonym of Cicindela varians Ljungh, 1799, for a species of carabid beetle. The senior homonym has been used only once after 1900, and is a subjective senior synonym of Cicindela scutellaris Say, 1823. Suppression of Cicindela varians Ljungh, 1799 would also help maintain the usage of the widely used name Cicindela scutellaris Say, 1823.

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