ZooBank Symposium: ESA Annual Meeting, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A meeting to present and discuss the ZooBank registry and other aspects of animal nomenclature and taxonomy was held as a late breaking symposium during the 2005 Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America. The meeting was arranged as a series of six presentations, preceded by an introduction from Frank Krell, organiser of the symposium, and followed by a panel discussion.

Andrew Polaszek - ZooBank: ICZN’s open-access web-based register of all new animal names and original descriptions

Nigel Robinson - ZooBank and Zoological Record: a partnership for success

Per de Place Bjørn - GBIF & ZooBank

Richard Pyle - Implementing the Digital Taxonomic Revolution: Strategies for a Successful Web-Based Registry of Taxonomic Names

Norman Johnson - Copyright: the new taxonomic impediment

James Woolley - Name Registration: One Less Impediment to Taxonomy

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