Sherborn Symposium: Evenhuis
Sherborn Symposium: McOuat
Sherborn Symposium: Dickinson
Sherborn Symposium: Thompson
Sherbon Symposium: Lyal
To date, most digitisation of taxonomic literature has led to a more or less simple digital copy of a paper original ñ the output has effectively been an electronic copy of a traditional library. While this has increased accessibility of publications through internet access, for many scientific...
Sherborn Symposium: Scholz
Literature research is the base for the scientific work of taxonomists. Therefore, large and well-curated natural history libraries are a very important prerequisite to carry out scientific projects efficiently. The library work, however, has several serious limitations that slow down the work...
Sherborn Symposium: Remsen
The Global Biodiversity Information Facility provides access to primary biodiversity data. It currently provides access to over 300 million data records from over 8000 different databases. Data customers expect to be able to retrieve data records organised around taxa. The challenges in...
Sherborn Symposium: Fautin & Alonso-Zarazaga
Article 79 of the ICZN Code, which appeared first in the Fourth Edition, outlines a procedure for adding large numbers of names to the List of Available Names simultaneously, as a Part of the List. This feature has gained importance with the development of Zoobank, because the LAN can be an...
Sherborn Symposium: Knapp
Monographs have long been considered the îgold-standardî of taxonomic treatments. These comprehensive compilations of all knowledge about particular taxa or groups of taxa traditionally culminated a taxonomistís career and often took a lifetime to produce. Descriptive taxonomy has been likened...
Sherborn Symposium: Penev
Electronic registration of nomenclatural acts is a dynamic process which still needs to be elaborated in accordance with the Biological Codes. The main questions to resolve are: (1) When a registration should take place, before or after publication? (2) Who is doing the registration? (3) Who...
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