Official Lists & Indexes

The Official Lists and Indexes of Names and Works in Zoology (published in 1987 in a single volume - ISBN 0 85301 004 8) gave details of all the names and works on which ICZN had ruled since it was set up until 1985; more than 9900 names were listed.

In the 15 years between 1986 and the end of 2000 a further 601 Opinions and Directions have been published in the Bulletin listing 2,371 names and 14 works placed on the Official Lists and Indexes. Details of these 2,385 entries are given in a Supplement of 141 pages (ISBN 0 85301 007 2) published in March 2001.

Additional sections include:

(a)a systematic index of names on the Official Lists covering both the 1987 Volume and the Supplement

(b)a table correlating the nominal type species of genera listed in the 1987 Volume with the valid names of those species when known to be different; and

(c) amendments to the 1987 Volume.

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