How can I make a donation and what will it be used for?

Make a donation to the ICZN.

The ICZN activities depend to a crucial extent on donations from individuals, institutions, learned societies and grant-giving bodies to enable the Commission to continue its important work.

Our fundraising addresses two sets of needs – our running costs (unrestricted funds) and our project costs (restricted funds). Through supporting the former you can help fund the running of the secretariat, publication of the journal, meeting costs for the Commissioners (currently covered by Commissioners individually) and through the latter you can fund projects such as ZooBank or development of the 5th Code (some aspects of these latter points may also be covered in unrestricted costs, as they constitute core business for the ICZN).

To donate, please contact Steve Tracey [email: or call: (+44) 207 942 5653].

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