Formation of Names

The current edition of the Code discusses formation and treatment of names in Articles 25-34 (Chapter 7).

Authors have also found it useful to refer to this document to help with specific problems in Latin and Greek (download PDF below). This is an extract from the 3rd Edition of the Code, in turn based on publications originally from Grensted, L.W. and J. Chester Bradley, Bull. Zool. Nomencl. 15:1111-1113 and Chester Bradley, J., Bull. Zool. Nomencl. 14: 231-243.
(references provided by section within the document)

This document includes overviews of:

  • Transliteration and Latinization of Greek Words
  • Latinization of Geographical and Proper Names
  • General Recommendations on the Formation of Names
  • Grammatical Tables for Latin & Greek Compounds
  • General Recommendations
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