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Area of Taxonomic Interest: 

Alberto Ballerio's main interests are the taxonomy, biogeography, and ecology of Afrotropical, Madagascan, Oriental, and Australian Ceratocanthidae (Insecta, Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea) as well as the phylogeny and catalogue of world species.

Current projects include the redefinition of most of the Old World genera and a complete revision of the genera Pterorthochaetes, Besuchetostes,Philharmostes, Synarmostes, and Goudotostes. Long term projects include the completion of a volume on Ceratocanthidae for the series Faune de Madagascar and the phylogeny of the family at world level.

Besides the Ceratocanthidae, he is also interested in the taxonomy and faunistics of Palearctic Scarabaeoidea and in insect conservation.   He maintains an updated database of legislation and policy about invertebrate conservation at the web site of the Italian Entomological Society ( He also works as a lawyer and makes sure that the Commission keeps a perspective on the needs of skilled amateur taxonomists.

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Dr Alberto Ballerio
Viale Venezia 45
 I-25123 Brescia
 e-mail: (at)

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