Charles Hussey

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United Kingdom
Volunteer Data Co-ordinator

I hope to be able to assist the Commission on various tasks associated with digitising and mobilising content. I shall be making photographic copies of the registers of cases and also putting the electronic copy of the Official List into a database. This will enable us to cross-reference Opinion (and Direction) numbers with case numbers and also to produce a combined list of taxa referenced in Cases and Opinions. In due course it is hoped to be able to upload these taxa into Zoobank.

I have just retired after 38+ years at the Natural History Museum where I have served in both the Departments of Zoology and Library and Information Services, and latterly in the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity. Starting out as a curator and researcher (initially in helminths) gave me a grounding in taxonomic work; including describing new genera and species (and I have had a genus of tapeworms named in my honour!). At a later stage in my career I found that I was expected to curate all our echinoderms and coelentrates (of which I knew precious little) and later still I morphed into a systems manager (running ICT for a department of 110 people - on my own!). For three years I was Head of Collections Systems development at the Museum and for the last 11 years I have specialised in Biodiversity Informatics.

Projects have included:

  • Managing the digitisation of accession ledgers in the Zoology Department
  • Constructing collections management systems for four departments
  • Managing a Lottery-funded project to digitise artworks and construct a website covering the names of UK wildlife (the Nature Navigator project)
  • Managing a work-package in an EU-funded project (a Pan-European Species Directories Infrastructure) that dealt with taxonomic standards and authority files, and included the ICZN as a partner
  • Managing the 'master list' of species occurring in the UK (the Species Dictionary Service
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