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Professor Minelli (University of Padova, Italy) has had a long standing interest in nomenclature. He has been a member of the Commission since 1989, served on the Trust since 1996 and served as President of the Commission from 1995-2001. In this time period he coordinated the drafting of the 4th Edition of the Code. Among his many awards, in 2008 he was given the Sherborn Award for outstanding service to biodiversity informatics at the Systema Naturae meeting in Paris. Sandro is the editor for nomenclature and Myriapoda for the taxonomic mega-journal Zootaxa, is on the editorial board for six other journals, and is also editor of the online resource ChiloBase where all genus and species level names in the Chilopoda are listed. Alessandro's current projects are largely in the field of evolutionary developmental biology.

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