About ZooBank

What is ZooBank?

ZooBank is the official registry of Zoological Nomenclature, according to the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN).

What Gets Registered in ZooBank?

Currently, ZooBank accomodates the registration of four different kinds of data objects:

  • Nomenclatural Acts: Published usages of scientific names for animals, which represent nomenclatural acts as governed by the ICZN Code of Nomenclature. Most of these acts are ‘original descriptions’ of new scientific names for animals, but other acts may include emendations, lectotypifications, and other acts as governed by the ICZN Code.
  • Publications: Publications that contain Nomenclatural Acts, as defined above.
  • Authors: Anyone who is an author of one or more Publications (as defined above), or who is a contributor to ZooBank content.
  • Type Specimens: Type specimens for scientific names of animals. The registration of Type Specimens is considered provisional and is not yet fully implemented in ZooBank.

Visit ZooBank

Visit ZooBank

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